Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Easy Diversion

A little fun heartfelt recognition for employee's can be so easy and cheap. It can even spark creativity. How many companies have little or no immediate recognition program? Quite a few I'm willing to bet. It doesn't have to be anything extravagant or expensive. You don't need trophies, or gift cards, or big productions. It can be as simple and cheap as a white board and a couple of markers. One of the best types of recognition comes from peers. Put up a white board in an area that's highly traveled (hallway, break room, time clock, etc) and let them have at it. When a co-worker has done something extra or over-the-top on any particular day, peers can jot it down for everyone to see. As a supervisor, you'll see things here that you would never have heard about otherwise.

The white board form of recognition not only recognizes the individual or team, but also serves to motivate others to better themselves and their work so that maybe they'll get the chance to see their name(s) on the board. A caution though - keep an eye on the board to be sure that it doesn't become a bitch n moan board instead.

One thing I will say over and over again when it comes to any type of employee "program", - if you start it, keep it going. It's not enough just to begin it. It WILL die an agonizing death.

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