Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's All In The Details

Dick Nunis, former Chairman, Walt Disney Attractions said, "There are two words that make (operations) work around here . . . quality and pride. If you design, build, operate, and maintain with quality, people will take pride in what they do".

It's not enough to design and build. Without proper operation and maintenance there will be no pride - there will be no quality. Whatever you design will ultimately be a wonderful new product, service, or attraction. But what happens when it's just left to tend to itself?

Everyone "picks up trash". In other words, everyone pays attention-to-detail. That goes for all staff, from the CEO to the guy that just started at minimum wage yesterday. Quality and Pride are a part of everybody's job description. It's the entire "show" that, in the end, "wow's" your customers and guests.

React rather than overlook. It's really quite easy. When you approach your customers - smile and greet them. If you see trash on the floor - pick it up. If you see a burned out light - report it. If you see a customer looking confused - help him/her. If you see magazines scattered in the lobby - straighten them. Now how much time does that take? Seconds. You can afford seconds. React rather than overlook.

Your ability to provide attention-to-detail in all respects is the key to delivering that extraordinary experience that will keep your customers coming back.

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