Monday, June 2, 2014

Raise Your Voice

The new book, RaiseYour Voice: A Cause Manifesto, by Brian Sooy, was such a
surprise.  It’s geared toward the non-profit sector and having worked there for the past 14 years it looked like it would be interesting.  What I didn’t realize is how applicable it would be to most any organization.

Brian’s book helps you to stop and ask some important questions.  Questions that too many organizations just don’t take the time to ask or don’t ask because they may realize they’re heading in the opposite direction.

What you’ll learn in this book, I think, is pretty well summed up on Page 2:  “A nonprofit should not be perceived as a soulless corporation, but as a group of individuals who want to make a difference, to change the world, and to have an impact in the lives of people for generations to come”.

You won’t get to the best place possible without purpose, mission/vision, goals/outcomes, and strategy.  Know – for sure – why you’re in business.  Be specific on how to get there.  Have clarity in it all.  Your business is a whole lot bigger than the people at the “top” or the name on your stationary.

Raising money; communicating with donors, employees, and customers; and marketing your brand are all things that require you to “raise your voice” to be able to relay your cause.  Whether a non-profit or for-profit, you’re in business for a reason.  This book will give you the designs that just may help you get your culture back in line and your reputation improved.

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