Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Close the Talent Gap

This week's guest blogger is Stacy Feiner, PsyD, author of the new book, Talent Mindset:
The Business Owner's Guide to Building Bench Strength.  This book is sure to help you get connected to your employee's and help you be able to better assess your talent pipeline.

Close the Talent Gap - People Drive the Numbers
Do you have a gap between wanting a bench of strong, talented individuals to take the company into the future, but realizing you do not have a system in place for building bench strength?

The big picture questions are:
  • ·    How will your business become agile and adaptable in our new economy?
  • ·    How can you hire the right people every time?
  • ·    Do you even believe you can?
  • ·    Can you build a bench that is ready to move into bigger roles without creating new holes?
  • ·    How can you get off the talent treadmill and break the cycle of hiring less than what your company needs to peak perform?

 The answer is Strategic Talent Management: By executing a full-circle process with people at the core, you can have a system for acquiring, developing, and engaging talent that is embedded within your overall business strategy.

Strategic Talent Management provides the mechanisms for bridging your culture with your strategy. We begin with a foundation (the philosophy of the owner), add the mechanics (the nine centers of excellence), and embed this process into the culture (engagement).

The process starts by exploring your beliefs about human nature and evolving a leadership philosophy, which compels you and empowers you to activate a strategy to attract, retain and engage people at your company. You will learn how to activate your team so they can evolve at the pace your business is growing because a common struggle for businesses is that their talent does not keep pace with the growth of the organization. Ultimately, Strategic Talent Management is the ability to shape a culture that fosters the attitude and behaviors that create an engine for success.

With a Strategic Talent Management mindset, you’re ready to apply the psychological strategies, not just the financial ones that will make your company agile and capable to weather economic storms or pull out in front when the conditions are smooth. This process helps you empower individuals to achieve their aspirations, increase productivity and drive to the bottom line. The process is ongoing. It’s a commitment to change the way you lead people, which changes the way you do everything. Strategic Talent Management is about building bench strength.

This is an excerpt from Talent Mindset (available on Amazon), and what you just read is merely the tip of the iceberg. I would love for you to visit me at stacyfeiner.com or connect on Twitter @stacyfeiner so that we can continue this conversation.

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