Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"Remarkable" Workshop

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Kevin Eikenberry Groups' Bud to Boss Workshop.  They certainly lived up to their tagline of "You Are Remarkable."

While other leadership training workshops tend to be canned and uneventful, the Bud to Boss facilitator, Valerie Plis, tailored the two days to the attendees' personality's and needs.

Some would look at the agenda and think there's nothing new that's going to happen here.  But I was very pleasantly surprised.  I didn't believe anyone could come up with so many new and creative ways of leading.

One of my favorite elements of the workshop (and of most attending) was the ease of understanding that Bud to Boss makes of the DiSC model.  Valerie used the entire group of attendees to illustrate the quadrants so we could experience it first hand.

Another of my favorites, that we used continuously throughout the two days, was:

  • acknowledge the (issue),
  • ask questions,
  • set expectations.

By doing these three things, you can effectively deal with most any problem.

And lastly, the Bud to Boss ABC's of Coaching (accountability, belief, conversation) opened all of our eyes and gave us a good stepping off point to becoming remarkable leaders.

Would I recommend this workshop for new leaders?  No.  I'd recommend this workshop for leaders at all levels.  So take a look at the workshop link above and find a workshop near you.

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