Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Customer Service? But They're Co-Workers!

What all employee's need to realize is that INTERNAL customer service is just as important as external.  Everyone is a customer of someone else.  It's not rocket science.  Just think about these 3 simple factors to provide better quality service:
Everyone has their job for a reason.  While all members of a team may not contribute equally, each is considered equally important.
When you give respect, you earn respect.

It's not a one man show.  We can only truly succeed when our entire organization succeeds.
When you are there for someone, someone will be there for you.

“What goes around, comes around”.  Usually, this is used negatively.  With a winning team, it's in reference to mutual benefit and support.
When you're willing to give assistance, support, caring, and benefit of the doubt, you'll also receive the same in return.

 Give a little - gain a lot!

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